Royal Quest

Royal quest hack

Royal quest cheat contains the most necessary functions that will make it easier to level up your character and farm gold several times!
Speedhack, auto bot, cheat codes and many many other bugs that are found in the game, are checked by us and added to the cheat, so you can be completely sure of the safety of our cheat

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Supported OS: Windows 7 - 11 (32 & 64-bit)

  • Speedhack (increase running speed)
  • Fully customizable auto-bot to automatically kill mobs and farm
  • Auto-bot
    • Automatic farming of mobs and leveling
    • Deep customization, selection of close/distant mobs, automatic teleport to them, and much more
    • Automatic usage of skills, use of elixirs, potions
    • Automatic drop pickup
  • WallHack and ESP
    • Display lines to players
    • Displaying players HP above the head
    • Displaying lines to mobs
    • Displaying mobs HP above the head
  • Teleport
    • Teleport to any place, map-click teleport
    • Teleport to the target (any character, mob, or NPC that is in the target)
    • Teleport to the location the player is running to
  • Helper
    • Displaying all players in the GUI and teleporting to them
    • Displaying all mobs in the GUI and teleporting to them
    • Automatic teleport to elites mobs
  • Zooming out the camera
Time Price Left
15 days 3.99$ 9+
30 days 6.99$
3 months 13.99$
6 months 18.99$
year 28.99$
lifetime 34.99$