New Year, discounts, and information about future plans!

2019-12-29 20:30


Happy New Year!
Thank you for using our services, and we wish you to fulfill all your goals in the New Year :)
Our goal next year is to improve the quality of current products, and create new ones!
In honor of this, we updated the site to the New Year’s style, and we launch huge, New Year discounts for all our current products

Also, the holiday was not spared by our best, premium cheats
They have a cheat on experience, drop carat, multi-profession (video #1, video #2) that will make your character a strong monster, as well as protection from death!
In honor of the holiday, we also added the opportunity to buy a premium cheat for a period of 6 months at the lowest price!

Buy premium cheat Karos Online (GameXP)
Buy premium cheat Karos Arena (RU Pirate)
Buy premium cheat Karos Rosh (Axeso Latino)
Buy premium cheat Rosh Online (Texyon)