Happy Valentine's Day!

2020-02-14 03:40

💘 In honor of Valentine's Day, we launched discounts for our lonely and not so users ;)

Discounts are presented for all our products, as well as our premium cheats:

Buy premium cheat Karos Online (GameXP)
Buy premium cheat Karos Arena (RU Pirate)
Buy premium cheat Karos Rosh (Axeso Latino)
Buy premium cheat Rosh Online (Texyon)

And turkish packs:
Buy turkish pack for Karos Online (GameXP)
Buy  turkish pack for Karos Arena (RU Pirate)
Buy  turkish pack for Karos Rosh (Axeso Latino)
Buy  turkish pack for Rosh Online (Texyon)

And also, for the first time we added a 6-month premium subscription for the lowest price at 41$!
Discounts and sales of premium subscriptions will last until 02.20.2020, do not miss the moment! :)