Happy New Year 2022

2021-12-23 17:28

Happy New Year 2022!

We continue to work on improving the quality of our services, and we promise that in the new year there will be even more updates to the current products and the appearance of new ones!

The emergence of new functions and automation of actions in the game Karos Rosh, improvement of the quality and operation of the Royal Quest bot, updating and improving the stability of CrossFire, creating a private forum, as well as improving the Discord channel.

All this awaits you in the new year, and we are starting work on it right now!

And in honor of this holiday, according to tradition, we are launching New Year's discounts on all our productsso that you can shop at the lowest prices this year, and spend time in your favorite games the way you want, or try something new from our products.

Sale on Karos Rosh
Sale on Karos Rosh premium
Sale on Karos Rosh multi-window
Sale on CrossFire RU
Sale on CrossFire Z8
Sale on Royal Quest
Sale on Point Blank

Technical support does not stop working, and is ready to help you even in christmas night!
Thank you for staying with us and using our services!